sofi says RAWR. (brighty11) wrote in marylandotaku,
sofi says RAWR.

the dreaded intro

Oh well, now I'm at the dreaded intro. I suck at these.

I'm Brighty, 12 years old to date, have liked anime/manga for about two years, but seriously started reading/watching/collecting in 2005. I live in the suburbia between Silver Spring, Kensington and Wheaton (Montgomery County).

Fav Manga: Furuba, Hana-Kimi, Power!! (Girl Got Game), Love Hina, Naruto, Hikaru No Go, DNAngel, Azumanga Diaoh, Chobits, Angelic Layer

Fav J-pop/J-rock: w-inds., Ellegarden, Tommy Heavenly 6, Hyde

Fav Movies: Star Wars, LotR, RENT, National Treasure, anything with Ewan McGregor or Sean Bean...

Fav Anime: Princess Nine, Furuba, Angelic Layer

Why I Came: Cause I know no otaku types in MD, and wanted to meet some. I hope you'll excuse my relative n00bness. Sumimasen!

Other Stuff: I know some Japanese.
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