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>_< Kate here. I am now fur_immer_sunde, formerly known as xxdeathdesirexx. I am the person who made this group. It kinda sux at the moment. Where are all the Maryland anime fanatics???

Anywayz...a little intro of myself:

Name: Kate
Age: 20
Location: Bel Air, Maryland
Gender: female (last time I checked ^_^)
Fave Anime: FLCL!!! And Witch Hunter Robin!
Fave Bands: RAMMSTEIN! Manson, The Cure, Dir en Grey, Luna Sea, X-Japan, Assemblage 23
Fave Movies: anything anime, Strangeland, R+J (1997 version)

Reason for making this group: so that MD anime fanatics can get to know eachother, possibly meet up and have someone to recognize at conventions

Side notes? Yes...I am looking for roomates in the Harford County, MD area/Baltimore City area, if anyone's interested please comment on my LJ. ^_^
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